I am yet to be stung by the toned, lycra-clad bee that is athleisure. I'll admit, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller has come close to changing my opinion, but to be fair, that woman has the best chance out of anyone in convincing me to wear something. I know that I'm making my daily life a little bit harder by not wearing the same clothes to a lunch date as those that see me through a Vinyasa sequence or two, but, aside from a last minute appearance to Coles, the only time you'll see me in exercise clothes is when I'm actually exercising. 

I have some pressing questions that have held me back from adopting this apparent fundamental shift to how people dress: Firstly, how are we supposed to avoid VPL (visible panty line) in gym tights? And how are we meant to deal with the unfortunate gathering of material which tends to happen at the front? Am I just buying tights in the wrong size, or did my invite to a secret convention for all Women Who Workout accidentally go to my spam folder? So far I've no had no luck in finding answers to these extremely important questions - apart from some sort of cup device that Khloe Kardashian once tested out on KUTK a few years ago, which really just doesn't seem practical, or even possible, to use whilst attempting a handstand - and so my exercise gear has been limited to baggy t-shirts that conveniently cover all of the aforementioned areas.  

But here's the real nail in the coffin for me: the term athleisure is an oxymoron. On my scale of daily activities, physical exercise and leisure are at two opposite ends of the spectrum. Working out is great, but I really would rather not combine my sweaty, grunting, red-faced, world with my showered, normal faced, VPL-less world. I think most of the people that encounter me in the latter world are likely to agree with that. So, I've adopted a new trend that is much more fitting to what I perceive as being leisurely: 'sleepleisure'. I probably don't have to explain it. According to a recent Google search, the term hasn't taken off yet, which baffles me. Am I alone in seeing sleep as the ultimate form of leisure? I guess that explains why I didn't get invited to the Women Who Workout convention.



Cos shirt, Vintage Levis jeans, Gucci sunglasses, Carel 'Kina' shoes.