For those who want less but cherish more.



Underground Sundae necklace, Cameron Studio rings (here,
here, here and here), Bella Clark pinky signet (here) Manning Cartell dress



New End necklace, ML-D earrings



Two Hills necklace, New End necklace and bracelet, Underground Sundae earring, Bella Clark rings (here and here), Cameron Studio rings (here and here), ML-D squiggle earring, Mr Winston dress



Bella Clark earrings (here and here) and rings (here, here and here), New End chain ring, Cameron Studio gold ring



Two Hills earrings



ML-D earring and necklace, Two Hills necklaces (here, here, and here), and Underground Sundae necklace

Emilia 6th March 2017-2017427020524.jpg


Two Hills earrings and necklace, Underground Sundae necklace


All jewellery hand made in Melbourne, Australia. Special thanks to all of the brands for taking part.

Photography: Michelle Tran @ Hart and Co.